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Anna Wydra is chasing not only love in her new Video "Quality Time": Watch Here

Video Still by VeniVidiVideo

Polyamory, annoying dates, open relationships - almost all of us can sing a song about it. So can Anna Wydra, who processes her experiences with it in her new single "Quality Time". The video for it? It's pretty colorful and crazy, in keeping with the theme!

The fifth single from the debut "The Absurdity of Being", which will be released in December via La Pochette Surprise Records, shows how versatile the sound of the Hamburg native is. Riffy electric guitars, summery 2000s nostalgia á la Wheatus, jingle bells and uhhh choruses transport themes like heartbreak and jealousy in a garment as loose as a Tinder date going well.

When Anna Wydra wrote "Quality Time", she had just opened up her relationship and at first felt free like rarely before. But she quickly realized that she was actually longing for love and security - and the new life model and the tough dating world presented her with painful challenges.

"But now / I feel like such a waste / Thought I could go and easily find someone I like / And I have to exercise / My patience in finding some quality time" she sings - and so one accompanies her in sports like long jump or 100-meter run on the path riddled with failure to the ultimate goal - gain of knowledge included.

Anna Wydra's debut album "The Absurdity Of Being" will be released on December 3rd 2021 via La Pochette Surprise Records.

Anna Wydra

The Absurdity of Being


Out December 3rd


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