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Anna Wydra shares latest Single "Life As An Ant" ahead of debut album: Listen Now

(C) Anna Wydra

420 - while some red-eyed guy with the munchies is sat there pondering on the wonders of his bellybutton, Anna Wydra is desperately trying to figure out whether the hands attached to her arms are actually hers.

Panic attacks and out-of-body-experiences are both very familiar sensations for Anna Wydra. In her latest single "Life As An Ant" she bluntly talks about what losing touch with the self feels like and how it affects her emotions and how it changes her perspective on the world.

"Life As An Ant" is the last single release before her debut album "The Absurdity Of Being" drops on December 3rd, 2021 on Vinyl, CD and Digital!

Listen to "Life As An Ant" below:

Anna Wydra

The Absurdity of Being


Out December 3rd


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