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Bikini Beach drop new Song "Traffic Lights", announce new album "Appetizer": Listen Now

© Marlene Müller

The drums push motorically, the guitar drowns in fuzz, the bass tiles the dance floor: Although guitarist and singer Nils sings "Traffic lights inside my head/They're never green, they're always red" in the first single release "Traffic Lights", the track is the ideal foretaste for the appropriately titled sixth album "Appetizer". Because the poppy-danceable indie garage smasher makes one thing above all: desire for more.

Bikini Beach


Black Vinyl (250 copies) Orange Vinyl (250 copies)

Out February 10th


Tour Dates 2022

08/10/22 – ZWZ – Zürich (CH)

14/10/22 – SAS Club – Delémont (CH)

28/10/22 - Weinfelden (CH)

29/10/22 – Barrique – Merzig

12/11/22 – Slow Club – Freiburg

29/12/22 – Weizen – Stühlingen

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