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Bikini Beach unleash their fifth full-length album "Atoll"

The Garage-Death-By-Fuzz-Rock Trio from Constance is no longer a blank slate with their fifth album, but boast hundreds of ecstatic performances and enjoy multiple praise from critics.

"The sheer versatility of this band will hook most of you into becoming instant fans with different band members taking the lead on vocals they can range from Ty Segall to NOTS in a flash and that is not an easy thing to pull off", says 50thirdand3rd.

Sustainability is important to them and therefore the aftermath of their live performances can be felt in every single limb of the body trembling with fuzz and delay for a long time afterwards. Physical standstill is rather an impossibly physical reaction, will be confirmed by everyone who sees Bikini Beach and their internalized loyal pledge of loyalty to the low-fidelity fuzz rock aesthetic live.

Atoll is the first album of the three Fuzz-Headz, which they did not produce themselves, but which no one less than Richard Behrens (FOH for Kadaver) took in hand for them at Big Snuff Studio in Berlin.

"I was also personally no longer satisfied with my learning by doing records and wanted to give everything out of my hands", says singer and guitarist Nils Hagstrøm.

This 12-song album is not only impressive because of its rich riffs and versatility, but also because of its perfect placement and selected effects.

Bikini Beach's new album "Atoll" is available on limited Colored Vinyl, Black Vinyl and Digital!




12" Vinyl

Out Now


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