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Billy Zach share first Single "A City in the Warm Rain" from upcoming LP "Struggle On"

The cynically approaching musicians around Billy Zach follow suit. "A City In The Warm Rain" tells of a love-hate relationship. A city that has already had one or two plastic surgery operations and is constantly threatening to fall apart. A city where it rains a lot. A city in which you shouldn't actually feel comfortable at all, but you do anyway.

Musically the song starts enthusiastically. Afterwards Billy Zach's monotonous concept follows: A driving rhythm runs through the song and somehow reminds of a rain dance. The build-up to the climax is savoured to the full and finally ends in an aggressive storm.

"There is nothin romantic about shit weather" provides the lyrical content. And yet: At the end the impression changes. Conciliatory the warm rain is finally accepted: "I kind of feel at ease".

With "A City In The Warm Rain", the first single from upcoming new album “Struggle On” (2021), Billy Zach presents a logical continuation of the previous work "Shallow" (2019) and a characteristic foretast of the upcoming album.


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