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Billy Zach share new Single "Sleep" and announce upcoming album "Struggle On": Listen Here

Sometimes I don't wanna be awake - The new song "Sleep" by Billy Zachsets the daydream to music.

With the second single release of the upcoming album "Struggle On" (January 22, 2021), the quartet wants to put you in a trance - and relies on gloomy monotony.

While the first single "A City In The Warm Rain" focuses on progression and swelling anger, "Sleep" actually comes across rather sleepy after a rumbling intro. Chorus and reverb effects achieve hypnotic effect. Only occasionally the song is snatched from its dreamy state by rhythmic accents and sound effects.

While the drums drive evenly, the bass turns its repetitive tracks in the background, but still remains present. Enlightening variations and beautiful melodies are searched for in vain on "Sleep". Even the vocals remain mostly indifferent and resigned; knowing that sometimes it is more pleasant to sleep than to be awake.

That this can't be a solution doesn't seem to matter to Billy Zach:

"I don't wanna be awake"- The frustrating, stubborn and undiscerning swan song to the inevitable.


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