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Billy Zach share new Video "Funny": Watch Now

Billy Zach's third single from the new album ‛Struggle On' (22.01.2021) is different from its predecessor. "Funny" is a rather light-footed, yet cynical, song without frills. Lyrically, "Funny" vacillates between monologue and prologue, between irony and bitterness. "Isn't it funny that I can't (won't) change?" The question seems rhetorical; one won't, the other can't, and maybe the whole thing isn't so funny after all.

Musically, "Funny" remains unusually short-winded and uncompromising. In the two and a half minutes, a choppy chord sequence defines the sound, while bass and drums rumblingly set the tempo. The vocals remain lethargic until the end, before finally throwing angry proclamations at the listeners.

Billy Zach

Struggle On

Out Januar 22th



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