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Blackbird Mantra announce new EP "At the Mill", share Single "Everlasting Sky"

Blackbird Mantra

With a new, live-recorded EP, Blackbird Mantra announce their return from the paralyzing Corona hibernation with a lot of feeling and groove. On "At The Mill", the Hamburg psych-rock quartet focuses entirely on the magical atmosphere that can arise when the four musicians dive live into their psychedelic and lyrical compositions.

In the rurally located studio "Die Mühle", of musician and producer Peter Voigtmann, the band found the perfect conditions for recording their live session in the summer of 2021.

The special atmosphere was captured not only sonically by sound engineer Michael Vögler (recording, mixing, mastering), but also visually by filmmaker Marf Mabo. The result, in addition to the EP, is a musical short film that condenses the nearly two-day session into a 27-minute live music dream.

The EP features "Tin Gods" and "Sisyphus," a distillation of Blackbird Mantra's 2018 debut EP "Riverside Bar" and their 2020 debut LP "High And Dry." But the centerpiece of "At The Mill" is their new song "Everlasting Sky." It is their most multi-layered song to date, combining all the contrasts and genres that make up their sound in just under eleven minutes of playing time: from lyrical folk-rock to groovy psych-pop to driving post-punk. "Everlasting Sky" is a transcendental journey that revolves around the theme of separation, drifting through a wide variety of emotional landscapes from grief to anger, to a redemptive new beginning.

Shortly after the recording session, things got emotional for the band itself. Drummer Helge left the band for professional reasons and moved to Zurich in September. After three months of uncertainty, he surprisingly decided to return to Hamburg. And so "At The Mill" is now released not as the end of a short band biography, but as an exciting new chapter, with the great hope of finally diving into their sound together with the audience again soon.

"At The Mill" will be released on 15.4.2022!

Blackbird Mantra At the Mill

Out April 15th 2022



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