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Cynistry and Freakazzé II Remix Anna Wydra's "I Wish You'd Stroke Me Like...": LISTEN HERE

(C) Anna Wydra

The newest remix installment on La Pochette Surprise Records comes with two remixes for Anna Wydra's "I Wish You'd Stroke Me Like You Stroke The Dog". The pop artist just released her album "The Absurdity Of Being" and now remixes by Freakazzé II and Cynistry are about to follow up and add their own interpretations upon this song about unfulfilled sexual fantasies.

Freakazzé II came up with a straight forward remix from the darker side of disco adding some bounce upon the dark and dreamy vocals. They stay true to the melancholic and dark atmosphere of the track by adding some synth voices and some drums that make you step on the dancefloor.

Cynistry is gliding into some glitchy drumsounds carrying the beautiful voice of Anna over some dark synth sounds. Having the keys as a constant element of the original song gives a hypnotic drive to this halftime hardhitter. The dreamyness of this piece pulls you deep into itself and brings you back with a different feeling of your own surroundings.

Anna Wydra

The Absurdity of Being




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