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Deep Dyed's self-titled debut EP is Out Now!

The young Hamburg-based band Deep Dyed appeared in public for the first time in October 2019 in Uebel & Gefährlich. Songwriter John Hintz and Aylin Sengül, both responsible for the vocals, wrapped the tower room in dreamy indie rock with strong borrowings from the Dunedin Sound of the 1980s. Predominantly carried by leisurely lo-fi guitar riffs and psychedelic sprinklings, Hintz and Sengül sing on the two Singles from the EP about emotional isolation (Trapped Inside A Maze) and tentative steps to overcome it (Blue Levitate Hours). "Trying to sort out what's real", muses Deep Dyed, calling on artrock and indie veterans between The Velvet Underground and the Pixies.

Both in search of musical companions, songwriter John Hintz and Aylin Sengül met at the end of 2018 and soon found out that they not only share musical role models, but also the desire to artistically express themselves with their own song material. Together with bassist Hauke Seibt and drummer Lukas Tietkens, they founded Deep Dyed in spring 2019, and from a mixture of already written and jointly newly composed songs, they created their EP of the same name in autumn 2019, which was recorded completely on their own within a week.

It released today on limited Cassettes!

Deep Dyed

Deep Dyed


01. Orion

02. Unstable Illusion

03. Blue Levitate Hours

04. Trapped Inside A Maze

05. Sunlight

06. Soft Psychosis


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