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Die Cigaretten share English-Version of their Hit-Single "Pillen": Here's "PILLS"

They seem to like pills. But that’s just a quick idea of what a lovely little story the song pills by die Cigaretten has to offer you. On the continent already known for their vibrant energy and entertaining lyrics, the Hamburg based three piece band wishes us all a merry christmas by rereleasing their second single in the mothertoungue of punk, to spread their holy message of unity and love beyond language borders and the question of what is really ok and what is not and who is actually deciding this and why.

Uk based Underground Rock, Garage, Punk and Alternative Lovers might danced to a song by die Cigaretten this summer already: „Typen mit Girls“ made its way and sloped over the Channel right onto fine equipped underground dance floors of London and into connoisseurically selected Radioshows across the country.

Die Cigaretten freshly released their first LP „Vibe Ride“ on 15th November 2019. Definitely worth a tune in for everyone who is into energetic guitars, good melodies and somehow everything good punk and Alternative music has to offer, but in new and self tailored clothes. And this is may be just because of christmas a small wonder die cigaretten gave us - to let this kind of music fit into 2020 - unartificial and straight from the heart. Hope to see them life really soon. So to all little pill poppin’ christmas elfs, lovers and listeners out there: merry christmas and a happy new rave

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