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Don't Kill The Octopus giving a glimb into their band life in new Video "Stick Together": Watch Here

You just get in a good mood and would love to be on tour!

The new video "Stick Together" from Don't kill The Octopus shows the band life as it really is!

As the 3rd single release of the album of the same name (out 27.03.2020), "Stick Together" is not only the title song, but one of 12 cream pieces.

The song deals with the importance of cohesion in today's world and is therefore critical of both politics and society. The sound of the single is challenging and positive, so "Stick Together" is perfect for accelerating, coping with everyday life or just having fun. With groovy chord sequences, which remind of the 70s, DkTO not only inspire younger audiences. 

They sound like they sound and that sounds!

Just like DkTO, their label La Pochette Surprise Records stands for handmade and real music.

The video for the single "Stick Together" shows excerpts of DkTO's gig life. Besides gigs on a boat, in a clothing store, in the belly of a ship, or at a goa festival, DkTO can also be seen there on quite "normal" stages.

The Album "Stick Together" is out March 27th on CD/Digital

Don't Kill The Octopus

Stick Together


Out March 27th


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