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Dunya release first Single "Toprak", announce debut EP: Watch Here

Pic: Lukas Drude

Dunya means world. This world, which is wraped into a robe of dreams by the band. The single release Toprak of the debut EP is an epic venture in Turkish. Dunya shows that they are not only well versed in dynamic riffing and creating broad soundscapes, but can also seamlessly harmonize them. In a precisely orchestrated symbiosis, playful synthesizers and barbaric fuzz guitars make peace; that peace the band tangibly longs for in their lyrics. Toprak reveals melancholy without being passive or powerless. Instead, the song has something revelatory in its tension, almost opening. Singer Banu Sengül's voice holds an urgency and strength that captures and resolutely exposes their world-weariness at its core. The melodies remind of bands like Altin Gün or Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek, without losing anything of Dunya's own musical essence in the slightest.

"Toprak" is the first Single taken from Dunya's upcoming self-titled debut EP, out May 7th on Cassette, CD and Digital.



Out May 7th


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