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fluppe announce second album, share new single "Seerosenräuber": Watch Here

(C) Matthias Reinhardt

The new single from fluppe is an attempt to remember back. To carefree summer nights. Of drifting - on the water and through the days. Of a time when the apocalypse seemed far away. When people thought less about the big picture and more about things like a first kiss. Do you remember that, too?

"Seerosenräuber" is the first single from the new album "boutique", which will be released in January. On "boutique", the four musicians from Hamburg play a poetically spun indie rock. Even more sugary, even more infectious are the melodies than on their debut album "blüte", released in 2021. And even more light-footed are the narrative hooks with which fluppe try to beat the rugged daily grind.

Watch the new video for "Seerosenräuber" here:



Out January 27th 2023

Available on

White Vinyl

Orange Vinyl

Black Vinyl


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