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fluppe release debut album "blüte", share new video "kompjuter": watch here

(C) Melancholie Maritim

Wondrous, touching and confusing things happen in this music, which four men have recorded with guitar, bass, drums and vocals. And that's where it starts: Because how often can you actually write down this sentence with a clear conscience and without fibbing? Exactly.

fluppe - please write it in small letters, it just looks better and is supposed to - are from Hamburg and are Josef Endicott, Antoine Laval, Lars Brunkhorst and Christian Klindworth. They are also one of those rare bands where you can't immediately play the "sounds like" cards. First eyewitnesses of their concerts like to compare fluppe with Turbostaat, which goes roughly in the direction, but musically rather those mangy-poetic post-punk bands like Do Nothing, shame, Protomartyr or also IDLES come to mind. Whereby fluppe then more often than the aforementioned on the melodieseligen guitar moments set, as they celebrated for example the Weakerthans or Sebadoh in their heyday. The first reviews of their EP "Billstedt" from last year recognized the good old "Hamburg school" in it. But Christian says: "That's flattering, of course, it was important. But I just don't know myself well enough to see that as an influence. I can't list five songs by Der Regierung and I'm not a Blumfeld expert. For me, ... But Alive, the Boxhamsters or Turbostaat were more important." Especially lyrically, this already leads in the right direction, if one perhaps still spices something with dachshund blood.

Who is so own on the road with the proven rock tools of guitar, drums, bass and vocals, which makes music of course not just since yesterday. "We've all known each other for a while. We're sort of the people who were left over from other band projects that petered out at some point. We have a tremendously productive spirit and we've even almost finished a second album because we can't tour right now anyway. I think that's because we've ended up with exactly those musicians who always put in a little more and eventually got frustrated because other band members' interests shifted." The music on their debut album "blüte", scheduled for Sept. 17, 2021, is then also created in band work, while Christian and Josef share the lyrics. "Fortunately, we are all very unpretentious when it comes to sharing ideas," Christian says. "You can pass the ball to each other and that usually makes things better. There's a lot of freedom in that." In this game of ping-pong, you might also have to mention producer Gregor Hennig, in whose Bremen-based "Studio Nord" fluppe recorded the album in some intense multi-day sessions. Christian says: "In the end, the pieces still sound very natural, as if everything came from one source."

Daniel Koch (Musikexpress, Diffus,Applause Magazine)

Watch the brand new Video for "Kompjuter" below!



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