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fluppe's "Billstedt" EP is Out Now

fluppe is exactly the kind of stem that has no place in your front garden. The bird shit on your Volkswagen. fluppe have hooks that take you by the hand and lead you around by the nose. Carnivorous sunflowers. It's like trying to cover up the smell of whiskey with cherry chewing gum so you can keep your driver's license.

fluppe. Lower case. In the beginning was the word, afterwards it was all about how to mix British post-punk of the old and new school with indie rock of American influence and put your own stamp on it. And then the first songs and the band were on stage and in the studio. The band's rehearsal room in the Billstedt district of Hamburg has - let's say it like it is - character, because many a punk and indie classic has been created there (e.g. Tomte, Schrottgrenze) and the industrial backdrop there is as rough as it is unadulterated.

Billstedt EP is out now on lim. Cassettes and Digital.


Billstedt EP



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