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Future Prawn are breaking towards freedom in new Single "Trashman": Watch Here

After his debut single 'Marshmallow Pie', Martin Mann aka Future Prawn delivers 'Trashman', another song from the album 'A Day At Promenade', which will be released on June 25th. Originally, the song 'Trashman' was named 'Dog' and was dedicated to a special street dog named Laika. Laika became 'Trashman', who is lyrically paid homage to as a kind of garbage recycler. A creature that pounces on the remnants of civilization and consumes things disgusting to civilized man, thus ultimately becoming more and more human itself. Mann wants to show the absurdity of things, believing that in each of us there is a non-normative side that may question the binding moral principles of our capitalist society. Mann's vocals are mixed with a certain despair, which, however, in the chorus is by bass synthesizers and a huge load of fuzz, and in the course of the song, the illustrating the idiocy of our behavior as the song progresses. 'What they try to dump, is gold for him' - We are supposed to ask ourselves if there isn't in each of us is not still a trash-man preserved, who contrary to the preached who, contrary to the consumerism that is preached, can repair a broken bicycle himself or things that others throw away, as billions of people have to do of necessity. 'Trashman' breaks the morals and thereby provides himself with a push into the long longed-for freedom. So go out and 'free your lust' !

"Trashman" is the second single taken from Future Prawn's upcoming debut album "A Day at Promenade", out June 25th on limited 12" Vinyl LP!

Future Prawn

A Day at Promenade

12" Vinyl LP

Out June 25th


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