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Future Prawn combine Glam, Punk and Garage on debut album "A Day at Promenade": Out Now

(C) Lea Städler

Slackers, punkers, glam rockers and psychedelic nerds don't often stroll down the street together - and certainly not to the same bar. Be it boredom, heartbreak, an empty fridge or just the awesome weather - something drove them outside today to turn blue on "A Day At Promenade". The first solo album of Potsdam multi-instrumentalist and crustacean utopian Martin Mann (long active with the prog band Eat Ghosts), is like best people watching from the corner café: A panorama of characters made sound, sometimes spleeing, sometimes casual, sometimes glamorous, as if the Lemon Twigs and Ty Segall were ordering a crab cocktail together. As Future Prawn, Mann has gathered some of his favorite musicians around him, spent a long time tweaking the songs and bundled his musical experiences into an album that flickers, grooves and surprises at every turn. "A Day At Promenade" buzzes with eardrum-ripping ideas: Lost West Coast guitars bang across the beach, synthesizers bubble like lava lamps in space, and ripped-off breaks reach for earworm riffs with cream on top. Mann poaches in a cheerful DIY manner through all styles whose endorphin release potential has been scientifically proven, and does the only right thing with it: love them very much, pour them into crisp songs and sprinkle them with a neat spade tip of shrimp glitter at the end.

Future Prawn's debut album "A Day at Promenade" is out now on limited 12" Vinyl LP!

Future Prawn

A Day at Promenade

12" Vinyl LP

Out Now


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