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Future Prawn releases first Single "Marshmallow Pie", announces debut album "A Day at Promenade"

"I try to keep the course, cause I wanna feel myself" opens Martin Mann aka Future Prawn,

musical jack-of-all-trades and creative workalcoholic from Potsdam, opens in his first single release "Marshmallow Pie". Despite all modesty Mann's words sound so and self-confident that one could think it is far more than just an attempt. Energetic drums, bass and guitar push the intro forward, while the saxophone brings fresh wind into the sail. Ty Segall and King Tuff send their regards.

"Marshmallow Pie" is the first Single taken from Future Prawn's upcoming debut album "A Day at Promenade", out June 25th on limited Edition Vinyl LP. Pre Orders are up now!

Future Prawn

A Day at Promenade

12" Vinyl LP

Out June 25th


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