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Less sugar, more garage: Mirror Glaze share new single "All Change Please": Watch Here

© Aylin Sengül

Change, but fast! The first single "All Change Please" is a flashback in music form that catapults you straight towards the 60s and 70s with a good kick and throws nothing less than the demand for change into the room. With less icing on the rhythm guitar than on "Undercover Lover" and "Exit Bag", "All Change Please" is about feeling like a foreign body on this planet.

No sense of belonging, but a confrontation with the absurdity of life. A life that only sometimes feels like a surreal daydream from the sweets department and for which Mirror Glaze provide the soundtrack - somewhere between indie and surf rock sound snippets, garage rock à la The 13th Floor Elevators and the penetrating voice of frontman Sebastian Lutz aka Ray. The prelude to an album that, covered with lots of icing and ketamine kisses, puts you anything but into a psychedelic doze.

Debut album "All Change Please" out July 14th

Mirror Glaze

All Change Please

Limited Vinyl Edition

July 14th 2023


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