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Melting Palms open the gate to their complex and abysmal universe in new Single "Crimson Eye"

© Marc Huth

This is the first single from the new record, with "Crimson Eye" opens the way to "Noise Between The Shades", which will be released in the summer.

The exceptional Hamburg band with Wilhelmsburg background, which released its debut album in the epidemic year 2020, has since reorganized and found itself.

The reputation of being the loudest act in their city precedes them, but it will never be able to leave the same impression as the actual concert thunderstorm that the five heads are capable of unleashing. "Crimson Eye" foreshadows all that already in the home player, but swoops in more on the euphoric side of the shoegaze-noise-pop-space-whatsoever-band. The accompanying clip with a road movie feel, produced by Jonas Albrecht, does the rest. Thus, a multi-dimensional uplifting piece unfolds here, which tastes more sweet than bitter - nevertheless, the noise cascades so characteristic for Melting Palms are not missing.

"Crimson Eye" is the perfect gateway drug into the multi-layered to abysmal universe of this band - here we go, from here on there is no turning back.

But back .... who should want that on the basis of this piece?

- Linus Volkmann

Melting Palms

Noise Between the Shades

Out August 26th 2022



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