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Melting Palms share brand new Remix by My Friend Peter

© Manuel Tröndle

My Friend Peter's remix hijacks Melting Palm's hit single "Fused" into an herbaceous guise of cheeky simplicity. Guitarist Teresa Köberle's infectious riff and billowing delays (My Friend Peter's specialty) caress Mike Krumhorn's smooth voice and put the line "Please Turn Me Into Someone Else" in a completely new light. The straightforwardness of the original gives way to a danceable groove, ending with crescendoing drums in a rousing finale.

Benedikt Brands aka My Friend Peter and Mike Krumhorn already dared their first steps into the psychedelic music world at the young age of 16. Now the two meet again, a year and a half after the release of Melting Palm's debut album "Abyss", in a melange of shoegaze, kraut and neo-psychedelic.

My Friend Peter once again proves his ear for good sounds, attention to detail and lets the song shine in a whole new glory.

Rousing, wild, yet always well guarded in absorbent cotton. A trip for sure.

Melting Palms

"Fused" (My Friend Peter Remix)


Melting Palms' debut album "Abyss" out on Vinyl/CD

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