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My Friend Peter celebrates 5 years of "In Between" with first every Vinyl Edition: Pre Order Now

© Lukas Drude

Multi-instrumentalist My Friend Peter from Graz creates in collaboration with video artist Kevin Pham a video for the song When I Was from the album In Between. The album will be rereleased on 11.11.2022, exactly 5 years after the first release, on the labels Numavi Records and La Pochette Surprise and will be out on vinyl for the first time.

When I Was fluidly continues the tradition already started with the videos for Whitening and Within: hypnotic sequences of images melting into each other, effortlessly building a dense warm-analog LoFi-AI maze. Before you know it, you're in the middle of it, somnolent, stunned, and subversively attentive.

When I Was outlines the personal experience of alienation and reconciliation with oneself and one's youth, which the visual plane extrapolates and expands the subjective.

My Friend Peter

In Between

Black Vinyl (100 copies) Gold Vinyl (80 copies)

Alternative Artwork Vinyl (100 Vinyl)

Out November 11th


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