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Sascha Kavalier releases new Single "Du wirst wieder fahren": Listen Here

"Du wirst wieder fahren" is the beautiful new single of Sascha Kavalier, who brought Rock'n'Roll into the country in the last years as singer of the band Swutscher. Because that in the long run at forces and life spirits sags, it came to the private removal into the north German prairie. You can certainly hear that in the piece - it is about a longing that you can only truly feel in elegiac seclusion. In musical terms, "Du wirst wieder fahren" is a reminiscence of Wolfgang Roloff, better known as Ronny, who warmed the cold hearts in the 1960s with a melange of Schlager and Western music. This song is able to do that as well - and thus functions as a small candle in the service of romanticism, which makes our times seem a little less gloomy. - Martin Schüler (Gusto - Ablass für Massenkultur)

"Du wirst wieder fahren" is out now on all Digital platforms.

Sascha Kavalier

Du wirst wieder fahren

Out Now


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