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Strœm practice what they preach in new video "Wildcat": Watch Here

Great art needs a loose hand. Wasn't it like that? Strœm believe in it. And what's even more important: they practice what they preach. They simply take the moment. Imbue it with their permissive musicality. And then capture it so irresistibly on vinyl that you want to play it over and over again after just a few spins: first a casual surf beat. Suggestive guitar runs, oscillating between vintage twang and arty noir. Lush, punchy bass notes, hard on the overdrive. And finally a cocktail-dark voice that literally sinks between the lines it rasps at us. A voice that sings and immediately sinks in. Until the reverb-saturated guitars take over again and the addiction factor is completely manifest.

Watch Strœm's new video for "Wildcat", taken from their recent debut EP "Wine & Boule":

Strœm's debut EP "Wine & Boule" is out now on 12" Vinyl and Digital.

Strœm Wine & Boule

12" Vinyl EP

Out Now


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