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SUCK are having a knife fight with "Lucifer" in brand new Single: Listen Here

© Aylin Sengül

After the strong single "Gravedigger" from SUCK - a "fast punk club" as the band said themselves - now comes with "Lucifer" another dark harbinger from the album "RIBBIT" planned for fall. And "Lucifer" shows once again that there is more behind the band from Kassel than a pure punk band. The bass intro rather makes you think of heroes like Black Sabbath, the riffs are sometimes punky snappy, then again sawing in an elaborate way, as you know it from good metal. There is even room for an impressive guitar solo in these three minutes or so. Drummer and co-vocalist Patrick says: "We also released a pure metal single last year with 'Hell and Heaven', because we had a little Metallica revival within the band and listened to it a lot. They and Black Sabbath are already important influences in our sound." Guitarist and at the time of the album recording also still bassist Jakob explains, "Yes, Metallica and Sabbath are already the intersection that we can all agree on. And the latter have influenced my guitar playing a lot. Even though the songs are more punk than metal, I think that's where they come from." The lyrics to this are what Isabell (vocals and synthesizer) calls "neither banal nor mega deep" - which sounds a bit too modest. In the case of "Lucifer", it amusingly plays with the clichés of rock history, in which, as is well known, you sell your soul to the devil in Robert Johnson style at a crossroads in the state of Mississippi. Isabell thus becomes an "invincible beast" who gleefully sings her way through "Lucifer", literally speaking and singing in the devil's tongues, while Patrick and Jakob can also be heard singing in the chorus.

- Daniell Koch



Out September 23rd


Festivals 2022

30.06.2022 DE-Lärz, Fusion Festival

01.07.2022 DE-Heidelberg, Hält

02.07.2022 DE-Stuttgart, Volcom Garden Experience

13.07.2022 DE-Bremen, Berlinale

23.07.2022 DE-Würzburg, Umsonst und Draußen

30.07.2022 DE-Hauptmannsgrün, Labore Festival

05.08.2022 DE-Freiburg, Slow Club Summer Festival

06.08.2022 CH-Trub, 300 Jahre Unter Rossgrat

12.08.2022 DE-Waldmünchen, Void Fest

Tour Dates 2022

23.09.2022 DE-Kassel, Goldgrube

29.09.2022 DE-Berlin, Schokoladen

30.09.2022 DE-Hamburg, Hafenklang

01.10.2022 DE-Bremen, Karo

02.10.2022 DE-Nürnberg, Z-Bau

08.10.2022 DE-Leipzig, Conne Island

14.10.2022 DE-Offenbach, HfG Kapelle

15.10.2022 CH-Basel, Quarterdeck

03.11.2022 DE-Köln, Baumann & Sohn

18.11.2022 DE-München, Import/Export

25.11.2022 DE-Düsseldorf, Ratingen Hof

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