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SUCK are taking you to their grave in new Single "Gravedigger": WATCH HERE

© Aylin Sengül

There are songs that jump out at you the first time you hear them - and "Gravedigger" by SUCK definitely belongs in this category. An electric guitar that seems to be sawing its way through a steel plate, a short drum salvo, and then the whole band is rushing forward, driven by singer Isabell, whose voice can scold, scream, sing and hiss in the most amazing way. The melodic, broadly crossed, but never testosterone overdriven sound of the band from Kassel is leveled somewhere between deep Black Sabbath love and 70s punk bow. SUCK sound as if they had taken a truckload of fans into the studio during the recordings. In terms of content, "Gravedigger" is, according to Isabell, "about self-destructive lifestyles that drive some*s into madness" - also, but not only in rock'n'roll."

Behind the name SUCK, which is perfect for a punk band, are Isabell (vocals, synthesizer), Jakob (guitar, bass) and Patrick (drums and vocals), who still recorded "Ribbit" with this lineup. Shortly after the recordings, the band brought their buddy Nils on board as bass player. From now on - on stage and in the studio - he will complete SUCK and thus relieve Jakob from his double shift on bass and guitar. With "Gravedigger" SUCK now want to awaken the anticipation for their debut album "Ribbit", which will be released on 23.09.2022. Whereby the word "debut" here at first glance a little misleading, because a good half of the twelve songs can already be found on the EP "Frog" from 2019. However, SUCK have re-recorded these tracks and in these recordings have finally captured that gritty energy that characterizes their live shows. Jakob therefore says: "So it is already meant as a debut. We thought about it for a long time: How cool do we think it is ourselves to put the old stuff on the record? But now we are glad that we did it." Patrick adds, "The songs are just good. We're proud of them. But when we recorded the EP back then, we still lacked the live test. Through the many concerts, their sound has now changed again seriously and the our producer Felix Margraf has been able to capture this energy much better this time." The new single "Gravedigger" is nevertheless a new song. Jakob comments, "The songs on 'Ribbit' are all very different. 'Gravedigger' is such a fast punk club that was rewritten but ties in with the heavier songs on the 'Frog' EP. And yet it shows that we've evolved." Ahead of the release of "Ribbit," another single will be released this summer that also makes it clear that SUCK has weathered the pandemic well and found an energy that makes you want to be in front of a stage in a sweaty club right now.

- Daniell Koch



Out September 23rd



09.6.2022 Hamburg, Molotow w/ Surfbort

10.6.2022 Berlin, S036 w/ Surfbort

11.6.2022 Leipzig, Conne Island w/ Surfbort GET TICKETS HERE

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