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Swutscher announce brand new self-titled album, share new Single: Watch Here

(C) Manuel Tröndle

On the cover of their debut album "Wilde deutsche Prärie" (Wild German Prairie) from 2018, we saw a burning house surrounded by apparently insane figures.

Almost four years later, on the cover of their second album, the band is standing on the dike in Husum. In the background we see the Nordsee Hotel, which burned out in the year of the debut's release. The looks of the band members reveal friendly determination, which is very North German in its nonchalance. Nevertheless, I don't doubt for a moment that Swutscher still know how to set their surroundings on fire, even leave a trail of destruction. Their reputation is legendary. Every person who has experienced Swutscher live knows that this is not only a spiritual but also a physical experience. With an indescribable force and energy they roll down any inherent reason of the audience and thus lead them into a wonderful dissolution of boundaries.

Fortunately, the character of Swutscher is not exhausted in such spectacles.

Swutscher take music-making seriously. They recall a time when music could still be dangerous in many ways. Sound, volume and content in the lyrics were capable of shaking the certainties that had built up in a young person's life up to that point. Unfortunately, today there is often not much more left of that than a moralistic feelgood soundtrack (rock/pop) or a boastful navel-gazing (hip hop). Probably that's why Swutscher sound on the one hand so wonderfully out of time with their rock'n'roll & pub rock and on the other hand so avant-garde.

Sascha's voice, so beautifully raw and urgent at every moment, draws us in. And it's good that the band plays against too easy intelligibility. Lyrically, Swutscher is about the whole thing. About the beauty of life and about the risk of falling, if one savors this very beauty in excess too much.

Swutscher produced the album themselves. Fortunately. No compromises were made. The guideline was: Lights on! Nothing could have done the material better. New is, the now sometimes psychedelic-mysterious character of some songs e.g. in Tabak, in Im Suhlenkamp or in Mystische Nächte, whose lyrics surprise by wonderful twist. I would also like to recommend the high-energy rock songs of the album. On the one hand Ü-30: "Do you have some time for me / then I won't sing a song for you / because I'm much too busy / with the leaves and the screed" On the other hand Rocker. Its lyrics are among the most succinct since AC/DC's Highway to Hell: "The noggin red / snout loose /I'm a / wa wa wa wa wa / waschechter rocker." The music does the rest. The song is a brand new classic.

It's a great pleasure to listen to Swutscher make music. There are great arrangements all around. First of all, Swutscher grooves in every moment . In addition, he has succeeded in creating a very diverse album.

There are rousing organ thunderstorms and driving conga parts (Tabak) a dreamy drum box that is ensnared by a beautiful saxophone and bass lines (Im Suhlenkamp), suddenly inserted great pop moments (Als ich Dich das erste mal vergaß), a country hit (Palm Royal), Honky Tonk paired with a great guitar solo (Ü30) and so much more. Finally, Swutscher surprise us with an opulent re-recording of Bodo, one of their most beautiful songs. A great finale for a great album!

We can only hope that the prophecy Swutscher make in the song Tohuwabohu will come true: "We will win / Someday,someday!" Jan Müller (Tocotronic, Reflektor)




Out December 3rd


Check out the latest Single "Palm Royale"

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