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Swutscher announce Rockmesse Show in February 2021

Photo by Robin Schmiedebach @ Reeperbahn Festival 2020

You poor sinners!

This is the revelation of Swutscher, which they carry over the mountains and far away to proclaim to the servants what is about to happen.

Blessed is he who reads the words of this prophecy, for the time is near. The level be with you and the skirt with him who is and who was and who is to come, with his herb spirits.

Pastor Sascha Utech and the worship band Swutscher rose from the dead on the third day after the party to give you back your faith in these difficult times.

Become a sinner too, if you are not one yet, and let Swutscher proselytise you! Amen! In your unholy mission, Swutscher will be supported in the performance of their Rock Mass by the Pilsettensister Ladies Choir and of course by the Rock, who is the faithful witness and firstborn from the dead, who loved us and convinces us of sins!

So come in droves, poor sinners, that you may be rocked! In the name of rock, roll, rock n' roll!


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