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Swutscher celebrate the dark, the beauty and the unreachable in new Single "Palm Royale": Watch Here

"The previously last song in my memory that had a beer brand as its subject is "Karlsquell" by the group Slime from 1981. Not a bad song. However, something completely different than PALM ROYALE by SWUTSCHER. Here it is only superficially about the Belgian beer with 7.5% alc. The drink is sung here as an untraceable longing, which remains omnipresent as an accompanying spirit. Musically SWUTSCHER underline this mood with a wonderfully abysmal country arrangement. Once again Swutscher stage in PALM ROYALE the dark, the beautiful and the unattainable." (Jan Müller, Tocotronic)

Check out the Video for "Palm Royale"


Palm Royale

Out Now


Artwork by Anna-Lena Kutzki

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