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Swutscher dance towards album release with new Single "Tohuwabohu": Listen Here

(C) Manuel Tröndle

The anticipation for the new Swutscher album, out Feb 25th rises. As a final foretaste, the band offers us the now already fourth advance single with the beautiful title TOHUWABOHU. In the front part of the song, the current ubiquitous insecurities are stated. "Rumors are simmering everywhere" sings singer Sascha Utech nervously. In the second half, the song soars to anthemic heights. The lyrics glide into the future tense. Wonderful saxophone sounds underline the confidence that is now conveyed. "We will win / Someday Someday!" (Jan Müller, Tocotronic)

Check out the Visualizer for the Song below!




Out February 25th


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