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Swutscher share brand new Video "Affenkönig", announce new EP "Senf"

Swutscher are back with their brand new massiv Single "Affenkönig", taken from their upcoming EP "Senf"!

In times of political and social oppression, led by big apes in high towers, Swutscher have put all their anger and frustration into a massiv creature of song called "Affenkönig". Probably the most aggressiv and most psychedelic song of Swutscher yet.

The song comes with an amazing but also disgusting new Video by french VHS-Video Artist Romain Duplessier of Thee Attic Video.

The Single-Artwork is by Manchester based artist T. Walmsley (Fruit Tones)


Senf EP

Out February 14th, 2020

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