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Synth-punk outfit montage releases debut album "pool ohne rand" today

Loosen your hips, clap your hands, rhythmically pass yourself over to world events, quit, overcome your nausea and at the same time leave the room in a rage.

If you're looking for the right music, you'll find it on the album "pool ohne rand" by montage, which is out now. Ten smooth hits invite you to crash the neighbours' party and enhance it with a little dance interlude. If the dance is not enough for you, you can spark a political discussion with the synthie beats or perform the popular pogo dance with electronic guitars. "pool ohne rand" is the answer to unasked questions. A hold and point of reference in this completely insecure world.

Because in an age in which the German average dissatisfaction glows brown, talking is gold and silence sucks. You may not be able to relax and switch off with montage, but who still has time to do nothing in this fast-moving world? Too bad enough, because aren't the priorities we wrongly set and not the time we supposedly lack, although each dial resembles the other? Who can we trust anymore? And who can we trust that we do not know who we trust? And who cares about that at all? "pool ohne rand" may not have died on a Friday and risen on a Sunday, but montage always tries to reach out to you after a crash and pave the way with this album for a self-determined life with a small amount of rage.


pool ohne rand

out now



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