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Tiger Hearts Club releases Valentine's EP, all proceeds go to 4. Hamburger Frauenhaus e.V.

The face of capitalism is cold and ugly. The project Tiger Hearts Club releases a special Valentine's EP in 4 parts.

Love is for sale. Every year Valentine's Day shows the violence of patriarchal capitalism with its ugly grimace. Pink hearts, squiggles and kitsch are the facade. Feminicide, domestic violence the everyday life they cover up. What is love?

Maxi came into the band room on a sunny day and railed: "I'm not in the mood for this shitty commercial crap." The idea was born to produce an EP against Valentine's Day. "Valentine's EP" celebrates sadness on the anniversary of soulless togetherness. It is not a revolution, but only an EP, but at least the proceeds go to the Hamburg women's shelters. Tiger Hearts Club is the spontaneous fusion of several bands like Die Eitelkeit, Shitney Beers, Swutscher, Anna Wydra, Dunya and Deep Dyed. They know each other from the Hamburg based record label La Pochette Surprise Records. On 14 February at 00:00 the EP will be released on the label's website ( and on Bandcamp.

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