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TOT smash through brand new Single "Eichen", announce album "Ferien"

© Joachim Hitt

It is the time of the Närrinnen and Jecken, the costume celebrations and the Kamelle. Just in time for 11.11. comes album II of the North German jugglers with the life-affirming name dead. After the downfall and the associated sheer endless happiness comes? Well of course - first of all vacation. 20 days of paid switching off. Vacation - lt. feriae holidays, days of rest, free days, free time. A little break for the little marble muscle above the eyes, plagued by war, Corona, inflation and ten years of championship of the Bavarians. In the midst of escalation here come ten new homeopathic sugar pearls against the twitching eyelid. Dead are punk, dead are noise, dead are garage, but also NDW and pop. Somewhere between Ratinger Hof, Pissed Jeans and current German-language bands promoted by the Initiative Musik, which we don't want to mention here in capital letters, here is the soundtracked bucklessness in the form of traumatically manic and dystopian punk rock hammers against the oaks of the nation. You want to accomplish something, prove something to yourself? Then dare to buy this record. Limited to 200 colors each by the band and the labels La Pochette Surprise and Spastic Fantastic, wrapped in the most beautiful 350 gram GC1 cover board including postcard. Mouth-cured and hand-picked.



Out November 11th

Co-Release with Spastic Fantastic Records

200x Clear-Magenta Vinyl 200x Clear-Yellow Vinyl 200x Blue Marble Vinyl


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