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Welcome to the Family, Anna Wydra

Pic by Luna Ballmann

We're very thrilled to announce a new member to our La Pochette Surprise Family: Anna Wydra.

The young singer-songwriter from Hamburg describes her music as „Melancholic stray cat pop“. Somewhere between Indie- and Bedroom-Pop, Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers und Cloe Moriondo, Anna surprises with 90s sounds, club beats and instruments such as melodica and violin.

Anna has recently released her latest single "Strange Boi", which will be followed by her brand new single "Looks", coming out this Friday August 20th.

Also Anna has just played her very first show with a complete live band at our La Fete Surprise im Inselpark featuring members of Swutscher and Dunya. Keep your eyes peeled for more music of her. We can't wait!

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