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Welcome to the Family, Goblyn

Meet Goblyn. At the moment, no band represents the subculture scene in Hamburg as well as the four guys who all met in St.Pauli’s Molotow Club. Naturally.

Goblyn are angry. The Post Punk Quartet's debut single "Wet Dogs" describes the struggle with one's own psyche, only to be literally eaten up by it. A dark, pulsating track that feeds you directly into the downward spiral of a sick ego and then lets you go to waste. A stranger in your own body. Betrayal. “You are simply exposed to your own demons. I think a lot of people know this feeling of being completely lost and powerless then they would like to admit”, says Johannes, the singer of the band.

Their music feels incredibly personal on the one hand and universal on the other. Goblyn's sound is a modern dream child of an inglorious liaison between the B52s, Hawkwind and Sleaford Mods.

“Wet Dogs” will be released on March 11, 2021. Are you prepared?

Pre Save the song here

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