Die Cigaretten - Vibe Ride
12″ LP300 on Black Vinyl200 on Purple VinylComes with Download Code IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!The Purple Vinyl Edition can be ordered with a free Sample of legal CBD Weed.Only available in Germany! (sorry)The Sample is provided by Bunte Blüte. La Pochette Surprise is not responsible for the Sample.  LEGAL NOTE:Smoked goods from fermented EU-certified hemp with a THC content of less than 0.2%. Not suitable for ingestion. CBD 5%, THC < 02.%. You must be 18 years old.. Production and distribution: Bunte Blüte GmbH, Urbanstraße 71, 10967 Berlin, Germany Tracklist:01. Bombe02. Am Strand03. Der Wecker04. Egal05. London Pizza Manöver06. Pillen07. Typen mit Girls08. Taxieren09. Yo, Future!10. Neue Perspektiven11. Zuviel12. Stabiler Hate Song

Die Cigaretten - Vibe Ride

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