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A cowboy riding a sausage. And how he rides it. What's going on in Swutscher's house right now is top of the line. After first singles like the roadhouse banger "Auf Achse", Swutscher is finally on the fast track. With their new EP "Senf", which will be released on 14.02.2020, they are now hanging the fragrance tree even higher. What comes along as easily swaying as a sailor in 1963 in front of the Star Club, shoots you like an emotional 50 ton truck.

So on the new EP "Senf", more acoustic guitars here and there give way to the rolling guitar riffs and banging tugs of Velvet and Sven, who, supported by Mike's pumping bass groove, Seb's sweet keys and Martin's rolling drums, seem to bring the voice of charismatic frontman Sascha all the more to unfold. Feel unleashed, just like contemporary hi-hats would like it.

The alkofolkpop group around frontman Sascha Utech is the ultimate social glue. 
It feels like the missing puzzle. Like what connects us - in Germany, North, South, West, East, City, Country, poor, rich, stupid, too stupid to put his wisdom into words or thoughts and ideas.

Senf - love to love it.



Koralle Blau



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